NHAGC FT Champs 27/4/2014

A fantastic day at North Harbour today with the fine weather prevailing into the afternoon when a little wind got up to test the expertise of the shooters.  Thanks to those who set up the course and those who came from far and wide to shoot, a good turnout with most areas from wellington to auckland represented.

Pos          Name               Class                          1st Rd                2nd Rnd              Total;
1st         Adam  W         PCP intl                          24                         22                       46   
2nd       Andrew N       PCP intl                         23                          21                      44   
3rd        Rob C               PCP intl                         21                          21                      42   
4th        Andy E             PCP Open                     21                          20                      41   
5th        Ian M                PCP open                     17                          22                      39   
6th        Maurice H       PCP intl                         19                          19                       38   
7th        Alex M             PCP intl                          19                         18                       37   
8th        Dawn G             PCP open                      18                         18                       36   
9th        Carl R                PCP intl                          16                         19                       35   
10th      Nikki                 PCP open                     15                          17                       32   
11th      Sam                    PCP open                      15                         13                        28   
12th      Avishta            PCP open                      11                         12                        23    


Pos         Name            Class                        1st Rnd              2nd Rnd               Total;
1st         Brett N             SP                               22                         20                        42   
2nd       Brian F             SP                               21                         18                        39   
3rd        Glenn R           SP                               18                         20                        38   
4th        Brian A            SP                               18                         19                        37   
5th        Alex W             SP                               13                         21                        34   
6th        Davey L           SP                                15                         16                        31   
7th         Ian R                SP                                10                           8                        18       
8th        Tony S              SP                                  7                         10                        17   
9th        Shannon          SP                                  8                           8                         16   
10th      Vicki                 SP                                  4                           2                           6    



WFTF World Field Target Championships 2014 NZ


Competition dates: September 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th 2014

Registration will open on 30th January, and enquiries should be forwarded to the primary email address listed, but registrations made using the form at the bottom of this page. You should apply for your visitor’s license for PCP air rifles to the New Zealand Police anytime from now onwards as we are advised the process will take in excess of one Month.

The Venue:
Brookfield Scout Camp, Wellington, New Zealand

The New Zealand Airgun Field Target Association are pleased to invite you to attend the 2014 World Field Target Championships.

This event will be held in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand.

The Brookfield Scout Camp is a multisport venue and as well as hosting the course has on-site accommodation for over a hundred. The course winds through a mixture of open field and native bush. Accommodation in basic cabins at very low cost is available to entrants upon application at time of registration. The accommodation is available for several days prior to the commencement of the competition.

Rules Set:
The event will be run under the WFTF comprehensive rule set.


A final definitive rules set which covers things not already dealt with under the Comprehensive rules set will be published in the near future.

We look forward to welcoming you to our country, town and venue.

NZAFTA Worlds 2014 Committee

Contact information for us:
In the first instance contact us to be supplied information you will require from us to complete an application through the NZ Police for a Visitor License. This includes the venue address, secure storage facility address and a personalised invitation letter to the event.

Primary contact email: gov.nzafta@hotmail.com -Adam Welsh 2014 Worlds event co-ordinator. (ALL registration communication this address only)

Secondary contact email:  12ftlbs.NZAFTA@gmail.com  -Davey Lum NZAFTA Secretary. (contingency/communication problems)

Further information:
The first step is to register for the 2014 WFTF world championships, then specific information will be given to you regarding applying for a visitor’s firearms license; for bringing a PCP air rifle to New Zealand, this is applied for and granted by the New Zealand Police DIRECTLY.

Spring Piston air rifles are now clarified and are without restriction. I paraphrase an email response from Police Firearms branch:

“…….considering the NZ Arms Act, on the basis your firearms are single shot air rifles and not pre-charged pneumatic air guns, an import permit or NZ firearms licence are not necessary to bring them with you into the country or possess them while you are here.”

The website for PCP visitor Lic application is here:


and these permits are valid for 12 months from being granted or until you leave the Country. (We have been advised that it takes AT LEAST one month to process these permits, so people should start as soon as possible)

No final date for confirmation  of Visitors License. However, it will be unlikely that you will be granted clearance to proceed through the border with your PCP air rifle easily or automatically if you travel to New Zealand without securing approval from the NZ Police prior to departure.

Payment of entry fees:
Entry fees for the event have set at NZ$150.00

Payment of fees will be accepted by PAYPAL as a first preference.  We will only accept Credit Card payments via Paypal. An account has been set up for this. Details for payment via paypal available on application to (email gov.nzafta@hotmail.com) .

International bank transfers will be acceptable if you wish to do that. We suggest pooling all entry fees from each RGB and doing ONE transfer to save on fees. Recipient bank account details  available on application to (emailgov.nzafta@hotmail.com).

Target date for receipt of payment shall be 3oth June 2014.


Accommodation onsite in share cabins, for up to a week is set at NZ$50.00 and own bedroll is highly recommended, or contact us for advance arrangements of supply of this.


Catering costs are not yet to hand, so it will be a few short days until we have those details to give you. We are catering breakfasts, packed lunch and dinner every competition day and presentation dinner.

The underlying aim is that nobody arriving for this event will be wondering where they will be able to sleep or eat for the duration of the event, and any assistance we can give only needs to be asked for. While our preparations are not 5 star quality, the costs are not 5 star either but rather a good deal.

Classes being run:
All  standard classes and awards will be observed as proscribed under the WFTF comprehensive rules set.


The following “additional classes” will be run under the WFTF comprehensive rules:

HP class PCP (28 ft/lb power limit, up to .22 calibre)
HP class Springer (28ft/lb power limit, up to .22 calibre)
Further announcements and information will also be distributed via the RGBs in the upcoming future. Entrants who provisionally register pending confirmation of Visitor FAL and/or payment to us will also be emailed the same information releases.
Provisional registration will start on 30th January 2014, but you should apply for your visitor’s license for PCP air rifles to the New Zealand Police anytime from now onwards.
Please note: Due to the procedural requirement of the NZ Police and the legal requirements to bring air rifles into the country, we have no control over, nor can we process your applications for permits or visitor licenses for you, nor can your RGB do bulk applications. This is just the way the NZ Police require it to be done. Each entrant must apply ONLINE for themselves and be checked for criminal history and “fit and proper person” status to possess a firearm within New Zealand.

Adam Welsh

Worlds 2014 Co-ordinator


NRC 1st NZAFTA qualifying round Feb 16 2014

NRC 1st NZAFTA qualifying round Feb 16 2014

The weather Gods really turned it on today for NRCs first NZAFTA qualifying round. This is perhaps very close to the most testing course possible at Grenada. The spirit it was competed in was outstanding with some exceptional shooting. A little wind and it would have been so different……

The morning was a very light northerly with some sun glare in the scope, though this didn’t stop a 22/25 being shot.
The afternoon was a different story with the wind (still light) turning to the south. It was a matter of hanging on and taking what you could. One person commented on it being a good old fashioned shoot!

It was great to see not only the kids doing well, but Alan with his new Ed gun in the winners circle.

A huge thanks to John and Brandon for the well set course, and all the other NRC members who gave up their shooting to marshall, prepare refreshments etc.
All up, a great day, in a great location, spent with a bunch of great people.The scores from the shoot were:
12ft/lb PCP
1st     Adam Welsh            40
2nd    Jeff Hietbrink           36
3rd     Andrew Jurgens      34
4th=  David Johnston        31
4th=  Alex Magon              31
6th    Graham Allardice      26
7th    Lachlan Fargahar     15
12ft/lb Springer   
1st    Paul Blades               27
2nd   Hayden Kaffes           6
Open PCP
1st    Allan Lundberg          32
2nd   Brandon Syme           26
3rd    Nick Holland               22
4th   Gary Morrison             5
5th   Malcolm Morrison        4
Open Springer
1st   Brett Nixon                  31
2nd  Speedy  Van Zyl          16Pro Class
1st   Ben Holland                 8

NRC Qualifying Round – 25/8/2013

The NRC Qualifying round went off well this weekend. Near perfect weather (even though it looked like everyone planned for normal wellington weather) very little wind if any, and it got hot 
A good turn out, and a challenging course was provided, with some deceptively hard shots (number 13 was only hit once over the entire day!)
All people attended had a good day, no major problems encountered, and a bit of 100m+ fun at the end of the day as well:)
Well done to all who shot, with special note to the younger entrants who are doing really well. Thanks to the organisers (NRC) for a nicely presented and laid out course, the behind the scenes work often gets overlooked or underestimated.

Results were:
12ft/lb PCP
1st David Johnston – 35
2nd Andrew Jurgens- 34
3rd Dave Lum – 34

Open PCP
1st Hamish McLurg – 35
2nd Brandon Syme – 35
3rd Terry Lum – 27

12ft/lb Springer
1st Paul Blades – 13

Open Springer
1st Brett Nixon – 30
2nd Lachlan Farquhar- 9

Alex & Raewyn off to the 2013 worlds


UPDATE 29/8/13 From Raewyn

Found the shooting range yesterday. Met with the Steyr team. My rifle now has a new regulater, hammer and cocking lever. Met up with Rebbeca and Bernt from NZ and Holland. Davey Alan Otsuka from USA says Hello. Met with the German organizers and arranged my disabled parking and standing for kneeling shooting. Going out again this morning to check the rifle settings and then the welcome in dinner tonight.


UPDATE 25/8/13 From Raewyn

Well we have arrived in Seoul Korea on our night stopover We have been put up in the Hyatt Regency with free accommodation and evening meal and breakfast. I would recommend Korean Airlines and the flight was cheaper because of the stopover. The only problem we have had so far is that for some reason our gun bags were not logged in as two extra bags on our tickets and we had to pay for them at the airport. Still we can sort that out when we get home. For anyone wanting to travel with guns it is quite a mission now. First you must get a permit from the country you intend to visit, then you have to go to the Department of Foreign Affairs for a permit to export from NZ, then go to the police for permit to import and then to top it all off you have to get your guns inspected at the airport by Customs for a Certificate of Export so you don’t have to pay GST on them when you come back in. Alex is already in bed asleep as it is 12.42 at night NZ time and we have been up since 5am. Back at the airport at 11am tomorrow for flight to Frankfurt Germany There was no trouble with the guns in Korea as they where checked luggage all the way to Germany. We will see how we get on tomorrow.


On behalf of the NZ Airgunning community, and the NZAFTA, I would like to wish Alex and Raewyn Magon all the best for their attendance at the 2013 FT worlds in Germany.

Have fun guys, make new friends and contacts, and gain some valuable experience on the world scene.

Alex will be shooting  the Daystate Panther, and Raewyn will be shooting a Steyr LG110FT, both very capable rifles, and both very capable shooters. There will be a high level of competition, and some very skilled competitors, and we all look forward to updates and photos as they come in.

Brett~ NZAFTA Board of Governors

NRC Qualifying round 28/7/2013 @ 643FT


Thank you every one, it was a huge job for NRC members. Brandon and Graham put a huge effort in weeks before to help making this event work. Then there’s the sponsors, and businesses that just give goods or time. Non members that cooked the food or wrote software etc.
Of course theres Andrew as well, not only for letting NRC use the 643 range, but was also one of three that set the course up.
The people that helped on the day, range officers Toby and William and of course the lovely Tracey.
Then there were people that ran the target strings at late notice and those that broke down the range….

A huge thank you to all   8)

It dosn’t matter how good a event is run, what really matters is sportsmanship. People make an event and everyone that attended 643 on Sunday were outstanding! It was great to see new faces and meet with old friends

The course was set over 12 lanes,was 170 meters long in a half moon shape. The first bit was over a grassy paddock that fell away from the shooter. Two lanes in this area had targets around a dam, 49 meters from the firing line. There were only 3 targets at this distance. 13 targets were under 25 meters for NRC’s Pro class (beginners with entry level rifles) and the rest were between 25 and 43 meters.
The second part of the range was up hill though pine trees. The hardest shooting in this area was in the morning when there was poor light .

The last lane was in the middle of the course that was flat. and where the last 49 meter target was placed. Wind really cost some on this lane

Theres a bunch of pics from the day on our Piako Clubs Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/piakoairrifleandpistol

643 Results

<strong>12 ft/lb PCP:
1st    Adam Welsh       MCASA              37
2nd   Alex Magon         Piako                 34
3rd    David Lum           NRC                  34 (on count back)
4th    Dave Johnston     NRC                  31
5th    Jeff Hietbrink       WAG                 31 (on count back)
6th    Andrew Jurgens   NRC                  22

12 ft/lb Springer:
1st    Paul Blades         NRC                  26

Open PCP:
1st     Hamish McClurg   NRC                38
2nd    Brandon Syme      NRC                32
3rd     Terry   Lum           NRC               31
4th     Mike Newell          MCASA          28
5th    John Martin            NRC                2

Open Springer:
1st    Brett Nixon            Piako            36
2nd   Sean Nooman        Hunter              8

<strong>NRC Pro class:
1st   Nick Holland             NRC             18
2nd  Lachlan Fargahar      NRC              14
3rd   Seth McIntyre           NRC              8


PIAKO qualifying round results

Official results for Piako Air Rifle and Pistol Assn. National Qualifying  Round 26th May 2013

The rain held off and a good days shooting all round, with some long 50 yard shots and tricky gusty light wind conditions. The first three placings were decided by a shootoff at one of the 50 yard targets. This went to two rounds with Andrew missing the first round and Brian missing in the second round leaving Alex the winner with hits in both rounds
Congratulations to all shooters

International Class PCP
1st  Alex Magon Piako 23, 17 =40
2nd  Brian Furth WAGC 19, 21 = 40
3rd Andrew Ng NHAGC  19, 21 =40
4th Raewyn Magon Piako 21, 18 = 39
5th Brian Andrews WAGC 18, 16 =34
6th  Maurice Hedger NHAGC 14, 15 = 29
7th Andy Evans WAGC  17, 11 =28
8th Rob Nixon NHAGC18, DNF =18

Open Class PCP
1st Dawn Grant NHAGC 16, 15 = 31

Open Class Springer
1st Brett Nixon Piako 19, 16 = 35
2nd Scott Townsend NHAGC 9, 6 = 15